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Section 508 Accessibility Compliance

Gardner Information Design supplies expertise in meeting U.S. government Section 508 standards for accessible web design.

We have the expertise to comply with both of the following standards:

For our Massachusetts clients, we can also ensure compliance with the following standard:

Using automated evaluation tools to check if a website is accessible is only the first step in making sure that websites are accessible for people with disabilities. Gardner Information Design, Inc. has deep understanding of the requirements for constructing accessible web projects.

The Cynthia Tested icon is provided by the HiSoftware Cynthia Says™ Portal to indicate that a web page has passed automated accessibility testing.

Cynthia Tested (new site)

Try these single-page accessibility testing tools:

Note: To test this site with Cynthia Says, type "" into the Web Page field.

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Why is this important?

The site and other sites we build from scratch comply with accessibility standards.

We regularly use accessibility testing tools to test for accessibility compliance, but we supply web accessibility expertise that goes well beyond the tools.

The Cynthia Says rating, and others like it, are important to you because it means that we have taken the steps necessary to make the sites we design accessible for the maximum number of people, particularly people with disabilities and all of us as we get older.

U.S. Government sites, and sites of companies doing business with the United States government, are required to comply with Section 508 accessibility standards by law.

Many public sites may be subject to class action suits for not being accessible, and forward-thinking companies and organizations worldwide are seeing that meeting accessibility standards improves the use of sites for everyone.