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Enterprise Project Portfolio

The case studies in this section demonstrate the project skills employed by Gardner Information Design, Inc. (GIDI) in its consulting and contract work.

Principal P.J. Gardner offers skills to enterprises and non-profit organizations on larger projects in the following areas:

Note: Most of the consulting work Gardner Information Design, Inc. performs for enterprise organizations is confidential or internal, so the case studies demonstrated on this web site respresent samples of the types of work P.J. Gardner performs.

  • Visit P.J. Gardner's Contract Resume for detailed information about contract and consulting projects.
  • Also visit P.J. Gardner's Custom Website Portfolio to learn about custom and accessible web sites created for small to mid-sized businesses on a freelance basis.

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Included below are four case studies of front-end web development projects developed by P.J. Gardner.

Front-End Web Development

Front-End Web Development (same site)

Accessible Web Design

Accessible Web Design (same site)

Information Architecture

Information Architecture (same site)

Content Delivery Services

Content Delivery Services (same site)

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