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Professional Profile

P.J. Gardner of Gardner Information Design, Inc. (GIDI) helps businesses, organizations, and individuals develop and enhance their use of the Web to promote their services and ideas through universal and accessible Web design.

P.J. Gardner founded GIDI in 2002 after two decades as an information designer and documentation professional for software development, financial services, and healthcare companies in New England and New York.

P.J. is also the founder of Boston-IA, an organization committed to making Internet Accessibility mainstream, for internet professionals concerned about the usability and accessibility of electronic information.

In addition to front-end web development and information architecture, she is particularly interested in consulting with organizations concerned about making websites more accessible for people with disabilities, particularly people with visual impairments, and for the aging workforce.

P.J. has worked with the Web since 1995 and holds a graduate certificate in Interactive/Accessible Web Design from Northeastern University.

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Photo: P.J. Gardner