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I am not a technical person. As my website,, indicates, I am a psychotherapist. As such, I am highly attuned to communication and interpersonal treatment. Besides how well my website works and how clearly it is organized, I very much appreciate certain interpersonal aspects of working with P.J.

For one, she is assertive. No mealy-mouthed suggestions here that let the customer make gross errors. P.J. tells you what she thinks. She backs it up. And she'll take time and pains to explain why she thinks the way she does.

In addition, P.J. is generous and she goes out of her way for you. P.J. is one person who does not hide behind the role of service provider. She's warm. She's friendly. And you know you are dealing with someone who acts responsibly— and also treats you like a human being.

I like that.

Marcia Weiss
Collaborative Psychotherapy
2516 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140


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