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Broadleaf Services (logo)


James Tenner

President and CEO

Broadleaf Services ( has gone through a great deal of strategic change, and our website was woefully out of date. We needed to expeditiously modify the website to reflect the new suite of products and solutions. To complicate matters further, our existing website had been written by a third-party designer utilizing code that was way too complicated for our purposes.

We engaged P.J. Gardner to take our existing site, simplify the coding behind it, and make it suit our business. P.J. not only made the site into something we could easily manage, but she also helped us redesign the structure of the site to reflect our new needs.

We found P.J. easy to work with, highly responsive, and cost-effective. She has a simple, straightforward approach that helped us make fast decisions and get the new site up and operational very promptly.

Overall, we are very pleased with P.J.'s work and look forward to a long, ongoing relationship with her.

Beth Cohen

Director – Operations

We were very pleased with P.J.'s rebuild of the Broadleaf Services website. She completely reworked the code so that it loads faster and has improved search engine capability. She successfully kept the existing look and feel, without sacrificing accessibility and maintainability.

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