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Custom Web Sites

GIDI specializes in creating custom web sites for small businesses, non-profit organizations, professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals. A custom web site can help you enhance and extend your business and marketing strategies.

At GIDI, we help you develop your online marketing message, and we lead you through the entire process of developing your web site— from purchasing domain names, to gathering images and content, to launching your site on the World Wide Web.

In addition to building custom websites, we assist busy entrepreneurs with all the details of Web hosting, website administration, and domain name registration, and we continue to support you even after your site is launched.

For more information about our personalized websites, visit:

Contact us today to learn about our affordable pricing and personalized web development services.

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Benefits of Custom Web Design

Having a custom design ensures that your web site is not built from a template and that it uniquely expresses your business and the way you want your customers to see you.

We pay special attention to learning about your business so we can help you address the needs of your clients and create web sites that are clear and easy to use.

One of the benefits of the web coding standards we follow is that they help provide very good search engine optimization, making your site easier to find in popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Our custom web sites:

  • Are enhanced for search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  • Load quickly.
  • Change size to fit the display area.
  • Allow the text to be resized.
  • Print well.
  • Are usable on a wide variety of web devices, including mobile devices.
  • Are accessible by people with a wide variety of disabilities.

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